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The Truth Behind
Regular & Hidden
Fees in 401k's
Other Qualified Plans
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A 1% Fee Reduces your Retirement by 25%
A 2% Fee Reduces your Retirement by 50%
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The Wrong Road to Retirement
Eliminate Fees and Keep
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Do to A Flood of Fees (over 12) that are undisclosed
U.S. House Rep.
George Miller
Part 1 - 1 Minute
Around HALF of your 401K account is being
wiped out  ...and you didn't even know it!
(IRA's, 403(b), SEP Roth and non-qualified plans)
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...on your
401K's, IRA's, 403(b), SEP, Roth and non-qualified
plans as well
Senate Moves to Keep 401(k) Fees Hidden
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